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  • July 07, 2017

Do you remember the conference in ShenZhen on 3rd, December, 2016?


After the conference in ShenZhen, Car Member Start the Nationawide Products Presentation!

This time is in GuiZhou Province!


Entrepreneurs engage in automotive supplies from all over the Guizhou gather this presentation together, looking forward to the new product presentation from Car Member!


Our manager Phoebe show them of our Factory Overview and the new product video, which can learn more clearly on our new product!


How concentrate they are!


Most of them can’t help taking videos on our new product, and seems so afraid to miss everything.


Also, we set a booth there, after the presentation, they move to our booth to learn more about the product in person, and would like to know further.


Most of them want to grasp the business opportunity and own the market share.


Besides, some of them also test the product personally.

This is the High Pressure Washer, with the pressure of 1700W, and it’s made of pure copper.


Last, but not least, is the new product—multi-functional washer for home used!

Multi-functional Washer

A. Main functions on the multi-functional washer:

# Washing and foam washing;

Functions on Multi-functional washer

B. Other functions on it:

# Drying with gentle hot wind;

# Dust absorption;

# Blow the snow away!


Blowing function on Multi-functional Washer

It’s very practical if we have a cleaning machine like this multi-functional washer!

We hold one machine, and have 4 functions together!

And can solve the cleaning problem easily!

About us:

Guangzhou Car Member Electronics Technology Co. , Ltd. (Hong Kong Car Member International Group Ltd.) is professional on automotive aftermarket products ( Cleaning series & vehicle-mounted series) which focuses on R&D, design, production, marketing and after-sales service.

The main products are high-tech  steam cleaner/car washer, high pressure washer, household high pressure car washing machine, jump starter, car inflator pump and etc.

Now Car Member is the only one manufacture factory  in Guangdong Province which is in professional design, research and produce household car washing machine.


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