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  • July 07, 2017

December 3, 2016, Guangzhou Car Member Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. held a grand new product conference in Shenzhen and won a complete success.

for car washer

More than 1000 from the Pearl River Delta region of cross-border electricity supplier buyers, foreign trade practitioners and more than 300 small and medium manufacturing enterprises gathered in the hall. Common analysis of overseas buyers data, looking forward to the future of the electricity supplier market!

listeng to the speech

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In this conference, our general manager JC on the development of new products and ideas were explained, the meeting for many entrepreneurs to provide a new business opportunities in automotive aftermarket!

JC for car washer

The new products that is multifunctional washer for home use. And our design philosophy is to make life more convenient.

car washing machine


Not only for washing car!

1) Washing car;

2) Foam washing;

3) Drying;

4) Dust absorption;

5) Blow the snow cover away.


We also played the video, so that we can learn more about our new product.

Dry out the water when you finished washing, and it is gentle that won’t damage the car body etc..


Vacuum cleaning


The people in the hall have picked up their phone, attentively  record our new product.

attracted by car washer

In order to let customers to further understand the new products, we also set up a booth at the scene, so that all of people can experience.

explanation for car wash