Car Member Latest Car Washer Series

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  • January 24, 2017

Car Member Latest Car Washer Series

Guangzhou Car Member is a factory who has been in Car Washer area for years, which is professional on automotive aftermarket products and focuses on R&D, design, production, marketing and after-sales service.

car washer factory
We stick to developing a cost-effective product yearly, in order to help customers to create and keep their competitive advantage, and improve their profit.

Our Car Washer Series are as following:

1. High Pressure Car Washer C200

high pressure washer C200

     Power: 1700W

    Voltage: 220V/110V/240V (British adaptor, American adaptor and Australian adaptor.)

    Pressure: 5-12Mpa, powerful washing

    Motor material: pure copper 

    Safety factor:Anti leakage switch, positive and negative pole safety protection

    The hydraulic power can be adjusted!

2. Multi-functional Car Washer C300

Multi-functional washer C300

    Voltage: 220V/110V/240V (British adaptor, American adaptor and Australian adaptor.)

   Motor material: pure copper

    Features: Can connect with water tap and water tank.

    Functions: Foam Washing, Atomizing Washing, Drying, Dust Absorption & Blow the snow cover away.

Functions for car washer C300

3. Steam Car Washer C500

steam car washer C500

    Power: 6KW

    Pressure: 120PSI

    Functions: High temperature steam cleaning, Humidity Adjustable.


4. 12V Car Washer C600

12V car washer C600

    Power: 12V 80W

    Function: Cleaning use, Watering plants, etc.

Above are the car washer series of Car Member currently. We stick to researching and developing new model annually!

All of our Car Washers have passed the certificates of CE, FCC, Rohs, etc.


Besides Canton Fair, we also attend the famous international fairs annually.

Canton Fair