Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99 - Steam Car Washer Series
Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99 front view
Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99 side view

Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

a commercial wash machine with ultra-high pressure and temperature steam

Product Specification:
  • Model :


  • Weight :


  • Water tank capacity :


  • Power :

    Diesel 2.5L/h

  • Water consumption :


  • Steam temperature :


  • Warranty :

    12 months

  • Pressure :

    15Bar,217 psi

  • Size :


  • Voltage :

    32AH 48V battery for control system

  • Functions :

    Steam washing

Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

The best detailing way for car painting!

The most widely used cleaning method!

Providing door to door services for car owners!

Product overview
  • The steam washer has a series of products, model C100, model C500, model C600, model C700, model C99 and supper mode. All the steam washers can do auto surface a completely deep decontaminating cleaning, and do auto interior a totally steam sterilizing to prevent diseases.
  • The gentle steam won't damage car painting and can do efficient deodorizing and effectively eliminate the lether smell in car.
  • What's more, the high-temperature steam docomposes the oil stains effectually.
  • In particular, model C700 combines vacuuming and steam washing, making it as a good cleanr for household applications.

Series of Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

Product functions
  • The steam wash machine can do auto surface washing, interior cleaning, motor and air-conditioning vents cleaning. Besides, it can be a household cleaning machine, like cleaning oil smoke on the windows in kitchen. Morever, it can be applied in industrial sectors.

Functions of Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

Product advantages: 8
  • 1. Uninterrupted operating for 24 hours
  • 2. Uperization (high temperature disinfection cleaning)
  • 3. Steam humidity regulating
  • 4. Automatic water supply system
  • 5. Automatically alarms and stops running when lack of water
  • 6. Leakage protection switch
  • 7. No power consumption in a dormant state
  • 8. Automatically closes the power when full of steam, and automatically starts when lack of steam

Product display

Display of Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

Product accessories
  • Steam guns and steam hose, towel and gloves, make washing efficient and easy to operate.

Accessories of Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

About us
  • Car Member, with an area of 1000 square meters, holds more than 50 staff members including 4 sales teams. Covering an area of about 3000 square meters, the subsidiary factory, located in Guangzhou, China, has been established for more than then years. Car Member is professional in automotive aftermarket products and focus on R&D, design, production, marketing and after-sales service.

Factory and Company of Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

Exhibitions & Certificates
  • Car Member has been gained remarkable achievements, paying attention to the product innovation and constantly developing and exploring new products and business. From time to time, Car Member would participate to the large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad.

Exhibitions of Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

  • The products have obtained the high and new technology product patent certification, also successively gained ROHS, FCC, CE-EMC, CE-LVD certifications.

Certificate of Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

About teams
  • With solid financial strength, strong technic force and high quality products, Car Member has established a model of high-tech and civilized corporation in society. Organizing outdoors activities now and then strenghtens members' relationship in Car Member.

Team Events of Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

Payment & Delivery
  • Choose any payment for your convenience. Promised timely delivery for customers' trust.

Payment and Shiping of Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

More about Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine?

Contact of Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine-C99

Diesel Steam Cleaning Machine Description




Diesel Steam Wash Machine




Diesel 2.5L/h

Water consumption



32AH 48V battery for control system

Product feature:

Door to door services;

Ultra-high pressure washing

Highest steam temperature:



15Bar/217 psi


Commercial applications like in car wash centers

Industrial applications like in oil fields


1. Steam washing; 2. Humidity adjustment

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